Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all members but there will be some items that might not be relevant for certain categories of member.


1. Applications for Membership

All Members wishing to apply for membership of the Association must complete an online registration form and agree to abide by the rules of the Association (as per the Articles, Bye-Laws and Code of Professional Conduct).

Applications for membership can be made under one of the following categories; Ordinary membership, Overseas Ordinary Membership, Student/Overseas Student membership, or Federation of Clinical Scientists Trade Union Membership.

Healthcare professionals with an interest in Clinical Biochemistry and/or Laboratory Medicine in the UK are eligible for Ordinary membership, for example; Clinical / Biomedical Scientist, Senior Lecturer, Research Technician, Clinical Virologist etc.

Federation membership is applicable to those seeking Trade Union support only, and as such is not appropriate for those practicing in specialties for whom Ordinary membership would be more applicable.

Full details of all the membership categories and current subscription rates are detailed on the Association website at: https://www.acb.org.uk/join-us/healthcare-professionals.html

All membership applications will be submitted to Council for approval.

Ordinary Members of the Association resident in the United Kingdom, who undertake a career break or become temporarily retired may on application, become Temporary Retired Members. Such Members shall confirm at the beginning of each subscription year that they are not in employment. They shall not be eligible for membership of Council.


2. Subscriptions

Members shall pay an annual subscription to the Association and for each subsequent year of membership.

Membership fees are an annual commitment irrespective of the payment method / schedule. In the event of termination of membership the full annual subscription fee must be paid for the current year.

Since September 2021 we have introduced rolling subscription years, meaning that your subscription year will no longer be required to commence on 1st January but does so from the date of application with renewal due on that date every year thereafter.


3. Termination of Membership

A member may resign their membership by giving notice in writing (email is sufficient) to the Association prior to their next renewal date.

Membership may be terminated by:

- The Company Secretary (or any Officer acting in that capacity), if a member is in arrears with any subscription fee (or part thereof) 3 months after the due date. The member will remain liable to pay the Association all subscriptions fees due for the current year.


- A Resolution of Council, if a member fails to observe any applicable rule of the Association (including the Code of Professional Conducts of the Association), or injures or brings into disrepute the Association or the profession of Clinical Biochemistry and/or Laboratory Medicine. Such a Resolution must be passed by Council, with a two-thirds majority of votes cast and the member must have been given the opportunity to defend their conduct.


4. Members’ Obligations to the Association

Members are obliged to comply with the Code of Professional Conduct set by the Association and by all bodies with which they are registered e.g. the Health and Care Professions Council, the General Medical Council.

Members are expected to conform to the highest ethical and professional standards in their work, their public life, their relations with the Association and their fellow Members.

Members must not act to injure the Association or its reputation, nor must they give the impression that they are acting, writing or speaking for the Association, unless they are authorised to do so.








1     The Code of Conduct applies to all individual Members of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine, including Emeritus, Honorary, Fellow, Ordinary, Federation, Retired, Temporarily Retired and Student.

2     All Members having signed an application form agree to abide by the constitution and Bye-laws of the Association as currently in place and amended from time to time.

3     All Members agree that by being appropriately qualified and practising in the UK they are obliged to comply with the Code of Conduct established by their appropriate registration body; the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the General Medical Council (GMC) or other body, where a registration body exists for that health professional.

4     Members agree to comply with the Code of Conduct of their employer.

5     Members agree that they have a duty to:

   a     Exercise their professional skills and judgement to the best of their ability and discharge their professional responsibilities with the highest standards of competence and integrity

   b     Conduct themselves honourably in the practice of their profession

   c     Maintain good standards of laboratory and clinical practice

   d     Keep their knowledge and skills up to date and shall keep evidence of their continuing professional development to such standards as are required for audit

   e     Keep up to date with statutory Codes of Practice which affect their work

   f      Keep as confidential any information obtained during the course of their professional practice

   g     Respect patients’ trust and not abuse their professional position to establish improper relationships with patients, to put pressure on patients to give or lend money or other benefits, to directly or indirectly recommend treatments or investigations which are not in their interests, withhold appropriate investigations treatments or referrals or put pressure on patients to accept private investigations or treatment

   h     Report concerns to employers or registration bodies where they believe that a doctor’s or other colleague’s health, conduct or performance is a threat to a patient

   i      Treat colleagues fairly and not make any patient doubt a colleague’s ability, knowledge or skills by making unnecessary or inappropriate comments about them

   j      Work constructively within a team, respecting colleagues and communicating and co-operating with other health professionals and all others caring for patients

   k     Ensure that where work is delegated, colleagues are of suitable experience and competence to perform the tasks delegated to them and ensure that they are armed with sufficient information to provide a good standard of service

   l      Further the interests and objectives of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine but agree not to give the impression that they are acting or speaking for the Association unless they are authorised to do so

   m    Conduct all research with honesty and integrity, following all aspects of research protocol, only accepting payments approved by a research ethics committee, recording results truthfully and maintaining adequate records. Members agree to only make justified claims for authorship and to report evidence of fraud or misconduct in research to an appropriate person or authority.

6     Members agree that they will maintain professional standards at all times, keeping up to date with amendments to this Code of Conduct, the Associations Bye-laws and the Guidance/Regulations of their registration body.

7     This Code is not exhaustive and Members acknowledge that they will always be prepared to explain and justify their actions and decisions to the Association or their registration body if so required.