23 Dec 2020
by T Mazaheri, K Shipman

P10 Martins equation LDL-C

Impact of LDL formula and apo B quantification on UK PCSK9i and ESC/EAS treatment thresholds in patients being investigated for familial combined hyperlipidaemia. Martin equation provides a greater estimation of LDL-C values. This could result in demonstrating suboptimal treatment for patients whom LDL-C levels are underestimated using Friedewald calculation and potentially make more people (at most 12%) eligible for PCSK9i therapy according to UK thresholds. Control as indicated by ApoB was better than LDL-C therefore ApoB targets do the converse in this population with suspected FCH i.e. they would suggest less need for treatment escalation and demonstrate that more of the population is treated to target than the LDL-C suggests.


T Mazaheri

K Shipman