Measurement Verification

"Measurement verification  in the clinical laboratory: A guide to assessing analytical performance during the acceptance testing of methods (quantitative examination procedures) and/or analysers"

Measurement verification in the clinical laboratory



Editorials from Stephen Halloran and David Burnett are available to download in PDF format below. These were originally posted in June 2009.

Measurement verification in the clinical laboratory - Stephen Halloran Editorial


Measurement verification in the clinical laboratory - David Burnett Editorial




  1. Precision (imprecision) and trueness (bias)
  2. Trueness (bias)
    1. From EQA materials
    2. From reference materials
  3. ROC analyses
  4. Method comparison


The spreadsheets can be found in the Resource Library 


Instruction documents

Each program is associated with an instruction document (in pdf format) which provides a brief background to the statistics used in each case. Each document and its associated program are listed under “Program & instructions”.

Example data

Dummy/example data are provided for each spreadsheet under the “Example data” heading. Instructions for analysing these data are given in the associated instruction document.


These programs have been independently verified. Copies of the data used for their testing and the associated verification documents are listed under the “Verification document & data” heading in each case. The code contained within these documents can be copied and pasted into any instance of the R statistical computing environment ( and, given the provided test data in each case, reproduce the verification analysis.