Analyte Monographs

Peer reviewed analytes for the 'Analyte Monographs alongside the National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue.' 

If you are interested in writing an analyte yourself please contact the ACB team for a writers' pack.

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17-Hydroxyprogesterone - Dr Edmund Wilkes and Miss Ellen Sargeant


5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid - Dr Ryan Cooper


Adrenaline - Dr Kate Maclagan


AFP2 - Dr Alana Burns


Albumin - Dr William Marshall


Alkaline Phosphatase - Dr William Marshall


ALT - Dr William Marshall


Ammonia - Dr Louise Hawke


Amylase - Ms Sophie Hepburn


Anti-Müllerian Hormone - Dr Allen Yates and Dr Helen Jopling


Aspartate Aminotransferase - Dr William Marshall


Bilirubin - Dr William Marshall


Bilirubin (CSF) - Dr Sally Hanton


C-peptide - Dr Brona Roberts


CA125 - Miss Sharon Coyler


CA19-9 - Miss Susan Troup


Calcitonin - Dr Kirsten Grant


Calcium - Dr William Marshall


CEA - Dr William Marshall


Cholesterol - Dr William Simpson


Cortisol - Mrs Caroline Addison


Cortisol Urine - Mrs Caroline Addison


Creatinine - Dr William Marshall


CRP - Dr Brona Roberts


Cystatin C - Mr Ceri Rowe


Dopamine - Dr Kate Maclagan


Ferritin - Miss Emma Ashley


Free Fatty Acids - Miss Sharon Colyer


Fructosamine - Miss Cheryl Rigg


Gamma-glutamyl Transferase - Dr Craig Livie


Glucose - Dr William Marshall


Growth Hormone - Dr Jinny Jeffery


HbA1c - Dr Emma English & Prof Garry John


Homocysteine - Dr Christopher Stockdale & Ms Ann Bowron


Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin - Miss Emma Ashley


Insulin - Dr Brona Roberts


Lactate - Ms Kelly McCarthy


Magnesium - Mrs Caroline Addison


Noradrenaline - Dr Kate Maclagan


NT-proBNP - Dr Ravinder Sodi


Oxalate - Dr Gill Rumsby


Parathyroid hormone - Dr William Marshall


Phosphate - Miss Susan Troup


Potassium - Dr Hannah Delaney


Procalcitonin - Mr Jonathon Clayton


SFLC2 - Dr Helen Valentine


Sodium - Dr Kate Earp


Thiamine - Ms Sophie Hepburn


Total protein - Dr William Marshall


Tryptase - Ms Sophie Hepburn


Urea - Dr William Marshall


Uric acid - Dr William Marshall


Vitamin A - Dr Naomi Elkin


Vitamin D - Dr Brona Roberts


Vitamin E - Dr Naomi Elkin