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Neonatology and Laboratory Medicine.jpg

Written by Sarah Heap, Jim Gray and Andrew Ewer, this third edition of Neonatal and Laboratory Medicine has been updated to ensure its continued relevance. Since the last edition, there have been many important developments in laboratory and clinical practice, and in the UK both Neonatal Units and laboratories have developed networks to ensure consistency of approach and to promote good practice. There have been significant changes in the provision of laboratory services, arising both from a drive for improved efficiency and important technological advances.

As in previous editions the book is intended as a basic guide for junior doctors, laboratory scientists and neonatal nurses - hopefully to enable the consideration, identification and management of common neonatal problems. The text provides brief background information, discussion of the practical aspects of diagnosis and management of references for further detailed reading should a more in depth knowledge be required.


Critical Care and Laboratory Medicine.jpg

Written by Peter Gosling, Anne Sutcliffe and Stephanie Dancer, 'Critical Care and Laboratory Medicine' provides a laboratory perspective on both the pathogenesis and treatment of organ failure, enabling the reader to understand the essential role that Laboratory Medicine plays in guiding the treatment of critical illness.

Despite major advances in the treatment of critical illness, in-hospital mortality rates for patients requiring intensive care remain between 30 and 40%. The commonest cause of death, irrespective of the underlying reason for intensive care unit (ICU) admission, is uncontrolled systemic inflammation leading to multiple organ failure. 


Cardiovascular Disease and Laboratory Medicine.jpg

Written by Martin Crook, John Chambers and Phil Chowienczyk 'Cardiovascular Disease and Laboratory Medicine' is intended to provide a concise and up to date synopsis regarding the use of the clinical biochemistry laboratory in the management of patients with cardiovascular disease.

The target audience is primarily clinical scientists and chemical pathologists as well as cardiologists, specialist nurses and other health care professionals working in the cardiovascular field.


Clinical Cases in Laboratory Medicine.jpg

Written by Jane French, Beverley Harris and William Marshall, 'Clinical Cases in Laboratory Medicine' is a valuable valuable learning resource for laboratory staff and medical students.

The book includes 80 case scenarios drawn from sources such as the UK NEQAS Interpretative Comments Service in Clinical Biochemistry and the authors' own laboratories.

Each case includes a brief history, laboratory data and questions to consider regarding diagnosis, further investigations and management; a short but comprehensive commentary on the issues raised by the case and key learning points at the end of each discussion.



A Practical Guide to ISO15189 in Laboratory Medicine.jpg

Written by Dr David Burnett this book is primarily intended as a practical guide for laboratory professionals wishing to implement the International Standard, ISO 15189. The following companion documents to go alongside the book are freely available for people to download and view:

  • A companion to ‘A Practical Guide to ISO 15189 in Laboratory Medicine’ for those laboratories implementing ISO 15189:2012 or making the transition from CPA Standards
  • Sigma metrics for process outcome
  • Sigma confidence calculator
  • In errata notice


Books Available to Purchase

Primary Care and Laboratory Medicine: Frequently Asked Questions - Stuart Smellie, Cliodna McNulty & Mike Galloway - pb 2010

Cardiovascular Disease and Laboratory Medicine - Martin Crook, John Chambers & Phil Chowienczyk - pb 2015

Kidney Disease and Laboratory Medicine - Edmund Lamb & Michael Delaney - pb 2008

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Laboratory Medicine – Mike Hallworth & Ian Watson - pb 2008

Clinical Investigations and Statistics in Laboratory Medicine – Richard Jones & Brian Payne - pb 1997

Cancer and Clinical Biochemistry – Peter Pannall & Dusan Kotasek - pb 1997

Biochemical Investigations in Laboratory Medicine – Julian Barth, Gary Butler & Peter Hammond - pb 2001

Primary Care and Laboratory Medicine – James Hooper, Gwyn McCreanor, William Marshall & Paul Myers - pb 1996

Neonatology and Laboratory Medicine - Sarah Heap, Jim Gray & Andrew Ewer - pb 2017

Nutrition and Laboratory Medicine – Ruth Ayling & William Marshall - pb 2007

Clinical Cases in Laboratory Medicine - Jane French, Beverley Harris & William Marshall - pb 2014

A Practical Guide to ISO15189 in Laboratory Medicine - David Burnett - pb 2013

Critical Care and Laboratory Medicine - Peter Gosling, Anne Sutcliffe & Stephanie Dancer - pb 2016

Neonatology and Laboratory Medicine – Anne Green, Imogen Morgan & Jim Gray - pb 2003

Diabetes and Laboratory Medicine – Janet Smith & Malcolm Nattrass - pb 2004

Poisoning and Laboratory Medicine – Ian Watson & Alex Proudfoot - pb 2002

Understanding Accreditation in Laboratory Medicine – David Burnett - pb 1996

Liver Disease and Laboratory Medicine – Ian McFarlane, Adrian Bomford & Roy Sherwood - pb 2000

Intensive Care and Clinical Biochemistry – Peter Gosling, William Marshall & Michael Clapham - pb 1994

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Biochemistry - Mike Hallworth & Nigel Capps - pb 1993

Neonatology and Clinical Biochemistry – Anne Green & Imogen Morgan - pb 1993


Out of stock

Calculations in Laboratory Science - Allan Deacon - pb 2009

A Practical Guide to Accreditation in Laboratory Medicine – David Burnett - pb 2002

(No Longer Available)

The Association of Clinical Biochemists – The First Forty Years – Peter Broughton & John Lines - pb 1996