ACB wins Digital Transformation Award

ACB has been recognised as the winner of the Best Digital Transformation at the 2021 Association Awards UK.

ACB relaunched its digital presence in October 2020 with a new website, membership system and finance system.

The ACB works to promote the highest standards in laboratory testing and patient care. In 2020 the ACB was struggling with antiquated systems including a 15-year-old enterprise CRM for which support was ending. Staff were bogged down in admin. Membership mailings took 6 hours to send - often overnight. Direct debit mandates were paper-based and records had to be downloaded on CSV files for manual checking.

Membership had declined steadily by 9% over a ten year period. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) was managed by individuals and an outdated finance system meant that subscription options were limited. A majority of members work for the NHS. Connecting Microsoft Teams and NHS systems was a struggle.

The relaunch of a new website, membership system, events, CPD repository and finance back end has supported a 4.7% membership growth in 2021, 10,420 hours saved in administration time and an organisational culture change.

In 2021, attendance of the ACB’s (now online) annual conference has increased by 30% and the number of overseas members has expanded by 18%. The platform has made the organisation more efficient, broken down internal silos and supported more collaborative working with the staff team and officers of the Association.  The website is an attractive calling card for new members whose professional lives are being made easier by new online tools and services.

The Award Judges said of the ACB Entry:

This is an example of a well-designed plan, having clearly identified the weaknesses in the previous system, that has subsequently focused on delivering to that plan to a high level of success.

Watch our CEO, Jane Pritchard, explain how transformational the new website has been to the way we work as an organisation and with our members: