ACB News is out (June 2023)

To celebrate the ACB's 70th anniversary, the June 2023 edition of ACB News focuses on the changes and innovations in laboratory medicine, with member-written content at the forefront.


In this special edition, you will find articles including:

  • A deep-dive into the first 70 years of the ACB, written by a founder member
  • Twenty four hours in laboratory medicine (1953)
  • A career in clinical pathology (1961 - 1996)
  • A spotlight on four incredible female biochemists
  • The fun in clinical biochemistry
  • The evolution of ACB News from print to PDF
  • External quality assessment (EQA)
  • Medical mycology (1949-2023)
  • Healthcare excellence in the UK recognised by UNIVANTS
  • An introduction to the new regular column: Future perspectives

We'd love to hear your feedback on ACB News. Email us at [email protected].