ACB News - April 2021

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President’s Message – April 2021
Professor Neil Anderson

Welcome to the April edition of ACB News.
I am delighted to launch UKMedLab21 – an amalgamation of our national meetings formerly known as Focus and FiLM which this year will take place online.

Whilst we won’t all be able to meet in person this time, the online nature of the event does give us the flexibility to run the programme over a longer period of time thereby offering more content to delegates. We do hope you will be able to join us and you can find out more, including how to book, on page 6.

Other items of interest in this issue
 - An update on the progress of our COVID-19 Scientific Scholarship projects from Gemma Reidy,
Adrian Shields and Joe Frost on pages 12-13.
- An article on the Trainees Discord Server which Dr Jessica Johnson, a Chem Path ST1 in Sheffield, set up as a way to connect with other Medics and Scientists in Clinical Biochemistry. This has been a great support to Trainees during the pandemic.
- An Immunology article on the UK Launch of a SCID Newborn Screening Pilot, the first DNA based screening assay in the UK.
- The Don't Wait; Act campaign. Doris-Ann Williams, CEO of BIVDA, has written about this campaign, which is aimed at encouraging the general public to take more personal responsibility for their health and raise
awareness of diagnostic tests.
- On pages 27-28 Hazel Borthwick explains recent proposals to expand the Pathology workforce and the
ACB response.

And finally, I hope you will join me in remembering a number of ACB Members who have passed away this year including ACB Founder Members Professor Louis Woolf and Dr Ronald Robinson, and ACB Retired Members Dr Tony Kirwan and Dr Stanley J Evans.

As always, thank you for your continuing professionalism, dedication and hard work.


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