European Registration

ACB members meeting the eligibility criteria below can ask the ACB for automatic registration on the European Register of Specialists in Laboratory Medicine.


  • Minimum 9 years (ideally 10) of academic (4/5 years) and specialist (4/5 years) training
  • HCPC or GMC registration
  • Education and training to standards set in the EFLM syllabus (for ACB members this is considered as being a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists)
  • A Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Medicine, Pharmacy or Science
  • Evidence of participation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • An exit qualification (postgraduate certificate) which meets the EFLM “Equivalence of Standards” as indicated below in the curriculum requirements

Curriculum content to include:

- General chemistry of at least 35%
- General chemistry plus haematology of at least 65%
- Flexibility as to the remaining 35%, including general chemistry, haematology, microbiology, and genetics and IVF in a proportion consistent with the requirements in the country of destination

Benefits of registration

  • Access to the EFLM Academy
  • Use the title “European Specialist in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine” and the abbreviation “EuSpLM” after their name
  • Receive a certificate as evidence that they are a registered European Specialist in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
  • Quote the registration on their CV to indicate that they have achieved and maintained a high level of competence in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine recognised throughout the European Union
  • Receive information about the practice of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine within the European Union
  • Expect a warm welcome when visiting a laboratory in any European Union country

Annual registration is renewed automatically at £15 per annum, whilst the eligibility criteria are met.

Contact the ACB team for further information

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Members who do not meet the above criteria may still be able to apply directly with the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM).