Staff Team

We are staffed by a small dedicated team who support members and officers to deliver our vision and strategy.

Jane Pritchard, Chief Executive

Appointed in November 2019, Jane has overall responsibility for the team  and specific responsibility for governance and strategy, finance and administration, stakeholder management, public affairs and industry partnership.

Mike Lester, Membership Manager

Mike has been with us since April 2008, and is now responsible for membership retention and recruitment, delivery of member services, national and regional committee meetings, training events & workshops, regional events, membership of other bodies, accreditation services (such as the ACS, CSci and EuSpLM), annual general meetings, trade union meetings and service and membership information and resources.

Christine Hall-Shelton, Membership Administrator

Christine joined us in August 2015, and now supports the Membership Manager with membership maintenance and enquiries, welcoming new members, ensuring the running of national and regional committees including supporting their meetings, governance and outputs, maintenance of our digital records, and our accreditation services and awards processes.

Cheryl Taylor, Operations Manager

Cheryl joined us in February 2008 and became our Operations Manager in 2020. She has responsibility for financial management and recording, invoices and payments, credit control, management accounts, tax affairs, human resources, property management, supplier management, cost control as well as reporting & returns to external bodies and management of annual accounts and audit.

Dragana Landup-Horgan, Publications Administrator

Dragana provides the administrative and project support to the Committees and operations for our scientific journal, Annals of Clinical Biochemistry and our patient resource, Lab Tests Online-UK.

Ioana Andrei, Marketing & Communications Manager

Ioana joined us in April 2022 as Marketing & Communications Manager. She's responsible for implementing a cohesive marketing strategy for the organisation, as well as overseeing external communications with members and the general public, such as announcements, website content and certain membership publications.

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