Federation of Clinical Scientists

A trade union run by Clinical Scientists for Clinical Scientists

The Federation is a certificated trade union which represents the interests of Clinical Scientists. It is unique in that it is run by clinical scientists for clinical scientists. Hosted by the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine, members are represented by laboratory based Clinical Scientists who understand your issues because they are their issues too. The Federation is responsible for the collective negotiating and representing individual members in the NHS at local, Trust and National levels and with Public Health England and NHS Blood and Transplant.

With full national recognition and negotiating rights, the Federation represents all members, including trainees, of the following specialities; clinical biochemistry, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, immunology, microbiology, haematology and other clinical scientists. All qualifying ACB members are automatically members of the Federation.

All Federation officers are practising scientists; this unique commitment to clinical science benefits the industrial relations process immensely by bringing a scientists' rigour and need for hard evidence to discussions.

The Federation is responsible to its membership for all matters involving industrial relations and conditions of employment and use professional legal support services with a proven track record in handling complex cases up to Employment Tribunal level.

The Federation's network of local accredited representatives is supported by regional and group officers including those from microbiology, genetics and trainee members.

Committee members

FCS - Executive Committee Members

  • Dr E J Lewis - Chair
  • Mrs L Garrison - Secretary
  • vacant  - Assistant Secretary
  • Dr M P Cornes - National Negotiator
  • vacant - National Officer (Microbiologists)
  • Mrs C G Norbury - National Officer (Geneticists)
  • Dr G H Clark - Registrar of Cases
  • Dr M P Bosomworth - Director of Finance
  • Mrs H Fearon - Trainees Committee (Post Registrants)
  • Mr G H Lester - Invited Member / Pensions Scheme Advisory Board

FCS - Co-opted Committee Members

  • vacant - Social Partnership Forum
  • Dr M Firth - Health Professions Association

FCS - Committee Members from Recognised Groups

  • Vacant - Trainee Member (Pre-registrants)
  • Mrs G C Norbury - Cytogenetics
  • Vacant - Cytogenetics
  • Dr M I Garvey - Microbiology
  • Dr D J Powell - Website Editor
  • Miss M Cairns - Public Health England 

FCS - Regional Committee Members

  • Dr D J McKillop - Northern Ireland
  • Dr L Bernstone - Northern
  • Dr E J Lewis - North Western (Merseyside)
  • vacant - North Western (North West)
  • Dr A Burns - Scotland
  • Dr J McNeilly - Scotland
  • Mr O T L Clifford-Mobley - South West
  • Dr M Firth - Southern
  • vacant - Southern
  • Miss K Subramaniam - Southern
  • Mrs R Cornford - Southern
  • Dr S P Spoors - Trent
  • Mr G A Armstrong - Wales
  • Dr M P Cornes - West Midlands
  • Dr D Sinclair - Wessex
  • Dr I P Woodrow - Yorkshire