Education, Training and Workforce

The ACB is passionate about training and education and strives to make sure that every trainee clinical biochemist within the National Health Service receives proper training on approved courses of study.

The Education Committee supports the promotion and delivery of training of Clinical Biochemists at all stages of their careers through a co-ordinated programme of training courses, organising and monitoring in-service training through a network of Regional Tutors. The Committee also monitors and co-ordinates manpower planning.

The ACB Education Committee, in conjunction with the Regional Tutors and Trainees Committee, form a multi-disciplinary group of scientific and medical professionals who work to provide education, training and support to trainees within the fields of laboratory medicine.

ACB members are involved throughout the training process and the ACB has representation on all major bodies responsible for training including the National School of Healthcare Science, Royal College of Pathologists and the Academy for Healthcare Science.

The key activities of the Education Committee and Regional Tutors in providing support for members include:

  • Offering guidance and support to all members throughout their training and beyond
  • Organisation of nationally accredited training course with tailored teaching to support the FRCPath examinatons
  • Delivering management and leadership courses to support consultant level training
  • Monitoring of training through the network of Regional Tutors who provide an external point of contact for trainees, run annual assessments to ensure trainees are progressing successfully and provide support for those who encounter difficulties in their training
  • Offering education travel bursaries to help members attend and showcase their research at scientific meetings
  • Reviewing workforce planning issues nationally

Education, Training & Workforce Committee

  • Mrs H A Borthwick - Director of Education, Training & Workforce
  • Miss K Hadfield - Deputy Director of Education, Training & Workforce
  • Dr R M Ayling - Royal College of Pathologists (Examinations)
  • Dr A J Park - Royal College Pathologists (Specialty Training Committee)
  • Mr C van Heyningen - Workforce Lead
  • Mr J J Scargill - Deputy Workforce Lead
  • Dr K Hedgethorne - Trainees Committee Representative
  • Mrs H Fearon - Federation of Clinical Scientists Representative
  • Mrs A M Yates - Scientific Committee Representative
  • Dr H L Ashby - Clinical Practice Representative
  • vacant - Medical Trainees Representative (Clinical Practice)
  • Dr J Newmark - Medical Trainees Representative (Trainees Committee)
  • Dr E Bate - Member
  • Mr S McDonald - Member
  • Dr R Sargur - Member
  • Mrs M Squires - Member
  • Mrs P Burns - Member
  • Dr D Fullerton - Lead Station Writer
  • Dr E L Walker - Co-opted - ACB Management Course Co-ordinator
  • Dr D Fullerton - Co-opted - Paediatric Metabolic Biochemistry Training
  • Dr E J Rab - Co-opted - Toxicology Training
  • Dr L Berry - Co-opted - Microbiology Training
  • Dr A M E De La Pena - Co-opted - Immunology Training
  • Dr R J Shorten - Corresponding Member - Chair of Microbiology Professional Committee
  • Dr E A L Bateman - Corresponding Member - Chair of Immunology Professional Committee

Trainees Committee

Represents pre-registration trainees in healthcare science as well as all members working towards FRCPath. The Trainees Committee provides support for members such as:

  • Advising ACB Council of matters of concern to trainees and seeking ways to respond to these concerns.
  • Informing trainees of Council’s activities and considering matters suggested for discussion by Council and other ACB standing committees.
  • Disseminating information about ACB activities amongst all trainees.
  • Fairly representing all trainee groups within the ACB by providing representatives for regions, standing committees and speciality groups including the Immunology Group, the Microbiology Group and the Federation of Clinical Scientists’ National Committee.

We make sure the voice of our trainee members is heard by senior members of the profession instrumental in the structure and content of training and examinations. Our Trainees Committee conveys the views of ACB's trainee members on subjects such as the NHS Scientist Training Programme, Royal College of Pathologists’ examinations, as well as the content and location of ACB Training Courses. A Trainees Committee representative sits on the Royal College of Pathologists Specialist Advisory Committee for Biochemistry, the Royal College of Pathologists Trainees’ Advisory Committee, in addition to the ACB Council and ACB Education Committee. 

Trainees Committee

  • Dr M Jankute - Chair
  • Dr K Hedgethorne - Vice Chair
  • Vacant - Regional Representative - North West
  • Mr B Nicholson - Regional Representative - Yorkshire
  • Miss L Carroll - Regional Representative - Northern
  • Dr A Wotherspoon - Regional Representative - Northern Ireland
  • Dr B MacNamara - Regional Representative - Republic of Ireland
  • Ms H Wise - Regional Representative - Scotland (East)
  • Miss C Watt - Regional Representative - Scotland (West)
  • Mrs A Cook - Regional Representative - South West & Wessex
  • Miss E Miler - Regional Representative - Southern (East of England)
  • vacant - Regional Representative - Southern (London)
  • Miss B A Phillips - Regional Representative - Southern (Outside London, SE&E)
  • Ms L Hymns - Regional Representative - Trent
  • Miss F A Wood - Regional Representative - Wales
  • Dr M J Jankute - Regional Representative - West Midlands
  • Dr J Newmark - Other Representative - Medical Trainees
  • Vacant - Federation of Clinical Scientists (Pre-registrants)
  • Mrs H Fearon - Federation of Clinical Scientists (Post Registrants)
  • vacant - Other Representative - Communications Officer
  • Mr D Mohanraj - Other Representative - Immunology Professional Committee (Pre-registrants)
  • Miss R Ayub - Other Representative - Immunology Professional Committee (Post Registrants)
  • vacant - Other Representative - Microbiology Professional Committee (Pre-registrants)
  • vacant - Other Representative - Microbiology Professional Committee (Post Registrants)

Regional Tutors

The ACB's Regional Tutors promote training opportunities for clinical biochemists and immunologists in their Region by, for example, assessing the need for local courses and bidding for financial support. The Regional Tutor is responsible for the administrative aspects of the Pre-registration Training Scheme in their region and works closely with the Regional Advisor for the Royal College of Pathologist, local Training and Personnel Officers as well as liaising with the Regional Postgraduate Education Committee.

At a more personal level, the Regional Tutor may offer advice and counselling to the individual trainee assisting the Head of Department or supervisor in the training of clinical biochemists by, for example, giving advice on research projects and examination regulations, and offering counselling on career development.

Regional Tutors

  • Dr A Chipchase - Eastern
  • Dr S Brady - London (North East)
  • Mr M J Whitlock - London (North West)
  • Miss W E Armstrong - London (South)
  • Dr A M Milan - North West
  • Dr B J Toole - Northern
  • Dr G M Connolly - Northern Ireland
  • Dr J Reeve - Republic of Ireland
  • Miss K Smith - Scotland
  • vacant - South West (Wessex)
  • Ms H Bruce - South East
  • Dr D Fullerton - Trent
  • vacant - South West
  • Mrs S M Tennant - Wales
  • Dr A Sanders - West Midlands
  • Dr D C Turnock - Yorkshire
  • Dr E J Rab - Toxicology
  • Dr E Hodges - Immunology
  • Dr D R Ready & Dr K Templeton - Microbiology