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The Government Affairs Officer, Mr. Joe O’Meara, can be contacted by either telephone or email:

Telephone: 020 7403 8001

Joe O'Meara

Joe O'Meara

Communications Strategy

The Association has limited resources, so we can not hope to tackle every issue that is important to us. The Executive Board adopted, in 2008, a strategic approach to this by identifying a small number of key issues that we need to address and the important audiences to whom we need to address our views.

The Key Issues

  • The harmonisation of clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine in the interests of improved quality and patient safety
  • The development of knowledge management as an educational programme to achieve good practice in the use of clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine services
  • Promoting work on future directions in clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine

Promotional Work

  • Publicising research work of public interest
  • Publicising ACB perspectives on matters of public interest
  • Meet the Scientist events such as cafés scientifique
  • Open days
  • Careers Fairs
  • National Pathology Week
  • Presentations to clubs, societies, etc.
  • Presentations at Board meetings, Trust AGMs and so on …

Lobbying Parliament(s)

  • Arranging events whenever possible to draw Politicians’ attention to our proposals and policies
  • Engaging individual politicians who express an interest in matters of importance to us
  • Arranging “postcard lobbies” by members of their local MPs on critical issues

The Association’s Strategy is currently under review (August 2013). When the review has been completed it will be supported by communications and marketing strategies that will be summarised here <watch this space for further news>

In the mean time, the existing strategic documents can be viewed through the following links:


pdf Image Download Strategy Document (168 KB)

pdf Image Download Executive Summary (113 KB)

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Updated 2nd August 2013

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