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Demonstrating Personal Proficiency in Pathology

10/12/2014 10:49:57

The Pathology Quality Assurance Review (PQAR) published in January advised that methodologies be developed that would give a fair and accurate indication of an individual’s competence to practice. The Review recommended that all practising individuals responsible for reporting pathology results and providing clinical advice should be registered with current external quality assessment (EQA) individual assessment schemes and demonstrates regular participation. In recommending this, Ian Barnes’ report did not specifically associate personal proficiency solely with participation in individual EQA and we know that demonstrating safe practice extends well beyond satisfactory performance in these schemes.

Earlier this year, ACB Council agreed that the Association should take a lead in establishing guidance on how Personal Proficiency could be demonstrated by a clinical scientist or medic. At the same time, the Royal College of Pathologists were also formulating a document and so a joint draft discussion paper, condensing our thoughts, has been produced for consultation and is availbale via the below link:

PQA Personal Proficiency Draft

In the knowledge that the College and ACB membership are not identical, the accompanying document has been distributed by both organisations for comment. The deadline for response is same, being 30th January 2015, but I would ask that you only reply to one or the other. In respect of the ACB, it is probably most appropriate to feed your email responses through your Regional Chairs, but the ACB office would be happy to receive them directly too.

Prof E S Kilpatrick - ACB President

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