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Association of Clinical Biochemists Benevolent Fund 

The fund has been established to aid persons who are or have been members of the ACB and the spouses, children, widows or dependents of deceased or disabled members.

Actively working Members are encouraged to contribute to this fund with their annual subscriptions to assist their less fortunate colleagues and this can be done through the Charities Aid Foundation - – when income tax can be recovered for the charity without any extra cost to donors.

Applications and inquiries should in the first instance be made to the Director of Finance via our Contact Us page.

Donating to the fund

The Benevolent Fund of the ACB acts as a life line to some members who in later life find health and other circumstances make their life intolerable. A contribution of just £10 per member would augment the fund and allow us to make a major difference to their way of life. If you would like to increase the value of your donation, for UK tax payers, at no extra cost to yourself you can do this through CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) at You will then need to enter a search for “*Biochemists*” or the full title of “ASSOCIATION OF CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTS BENEVOLENT FUND” and then select DONATE. In this way the fund will receive the tax you have already paid on your donation from the Inland Revenue. We thank you for your kindness in considering this request.

Benevolent Fund Trustees

  • Dr G McCreanor - President ACB
  • Dr W J Marshall - Director of Finance
  • Dr J H Horner - Ordinary Member
  • Dr G S Challand  - Emeritus Member
  • Dr H G J Worth - Emeritus Member
Updated 13th May 2013

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