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ACB Expert Panel

The Association first set up an “Expert Panel” to meet the need to report in the media, and publish material aimed at the public, to reflect our science and profession accurately and without sensationalism. The Panel worked with the independent UK organisation - the Science Media Centre ( - that was set up to help ensure that the reporting of science in the press and media is accurate. The Centre maintains a list of expert contacts covering the whole gamut of science in the UK who are prepared to talk to the media and to technical authors who need background material and explanation of technical information that may relate to a news item or to a topic on which they are writing. The Centre also ensures that those on their list are recognised by their peers as having the knowledge and experience to comment accurately.

The review of the Association’s strategy in 2013 identified the potential for the Expert Panel to fulfil a much wider role within the organisation and in its external relationships. This led to a re launching of the group at Focus 2015 in Cardiff with a much expanded remit. This leaflet, which was distributed to all attendees at Focus 2015, summarises the role and activities of the revitalised panel. Key elements, in addition to the original aim of promoting the Association’s policies and engaging with the media, include:
  • Extending the topics covered to all areas of expertise within the membership
  • Collaboration with the Annals of Clinical Biochemistry editorial board
  • Engagement with NICE in identifying new areas for its consideration
  • Establishing networks to share and develop expertise in topic areas
  • Engaging with the Voice of Young Science, particularly the “Ask for Evidence” campaign
  • Mentoring for post registration, early career clinical scientists and doctors developing their research interests

The present (August 2015) chair of the panel is Dr Robert Hill and the membership of the group is overseen by the Scientific Committee and Clinical Practice Section.


If you would like to contact anyone for more information or to join the ACB Expert Panel you can do so by clicking here. Please enter Mr Joe O'Meara in the 'For attention of' field.

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Updated 19th August 2015

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