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Programme: Thursday

Day One

LT1 / G.29
Opening Ceremony

LT1 / G.29

ACB-AACC Transatlantic Lecture
Drug Screening with Immunoassays: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Dr Dennis Dietzen - President, AACC


Break & Industry

Industry Sponsored Workshops
LT3 / G.86              

LT4 / G.78              
Alpha Laboratories Ltd
FIT to practice?
Prof Callum Fraser
University of Dundee
Sally Benton

Royal Surrey County Hospital
Nigel D'Souza
Croydon University Hospital 
Immundiagnostik AG
Faecal Bile Acids: a new way to diagnose Bile Acid Diarrhoea
Lauren Hughes
Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust 

Parallel Sessions

Paediatrics for the Non-specialist/ DGH Clinical & Laboratory Teams
(Chair: Lesley Tetlow)

New Approaches to Clinical Problems & Drug Assays
(Chair: Tony Tetlow)

Point of Care Testing (POCT)
(Chairs: Danielle Freedman & Rebecca Powney)

LT1 / G.29

Time to be on alert for paediatric AKI
Prof Rachel Lennon
Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

LT2 / G.44

Influence of pre-analytics with particular reference to drug assays
Dr Mike Cornes
Worcester Royal Hospital
LT3 / G.86
Does POCT add value?
Dr Danielle Freedman, Luton and Dunstable Hospital
Prof Sverre Sandberg, University of Bergen

LT1 / G.29

Investigating hypoglycaemia: when laboratory medicine is the icing on the cake!
Dr Mars Skae
Royal Manchester Children's Hospital
LT2 / G.44
Changing trends in street drugs: the greatest challenge facing clinical toxicology screening services
Dr Loretta Ford
City Hospital, Birmingham
LT3 / G.86
The value of POCT in Acute care
Dr Dominic Giles
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

LT1 / G.29

Disorders of sexual development: what support can a DGH lab provide?
Dr Leslie Perry
Croydon University Hospital
LT2 / G.44
Immunobiologics and antibodies to them
Dr Mandy Perry
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital
LT3 / G.86
The Clinical Scientists Board The value of POCT in Primary care
Dr Prash Patel
Berkshire Primary Care
LT1 / G.29

Old and new approaches to paediatric reference ranges in 2018
Dr Tim Lang
University Hospital of North Durham
LT2 / G.44
PCSK9 Mabs: new lipid-modifying therapy
Dr Handrean Soran
Manchester Royal Infirmary
LT3 / G.86
Re-vote and summary
Dr Danielle Freedman
Prof Sverre Sandberg


Exhibition, Posters & Lunch

Industry Sponsored Workshops
LT4 / G.78              

LT3 / G.86
Thermo Fisher Scientific OY
Fully automated LC-MS: Fantasy or Reality? 
EQA & ISO15189
Gareth Davies, Weqas

Parallel Sessions

Access and Equity in Laboratory Medicine
(Chair: Lance Sandle)

ACB Medal Award
(Chair: Ian Young - ACB President)

LT1 / G.29
Parity for mental and physical illness: everybody's business?
Professor Dame Sue Bailey
Children and Young People's Mental Health Coalition
LT2 / G.44
Assessing the vitamin B12 status of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus on metformin 
Dr Giles Aldworth
Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast 

Evaluation of fibroblast growth factor-21 enzyme immunosorbent assay method and its performance for the investigation of mitochondrial disease 
Dr Gayani Weerasinghe
Oxford University Hospitals 

Implications for the monitoring of patients with multiple myeloma during treatment with the immunotherapy daratumumab 
Dr Sally Thirkettle
Christie NHS Foundation Trust 

Tacrolimus and creatinine analysis by LC-MS/MS using Mitra® microsampling devices 
David Marshall
Wythenshawe Hospital 

Biological variability of cardiac troponins in chronic kidney disease
Rebecca Jones
William Harvey Hospital 

Fatal opioid poisoning: an emerging role for fentanyl and fentanyl analogues in the United Kingdom 
Dr Edmund Rab
Northern General Hospital, Sheffield
LT1 / G.29
POCT in the community
Dr Amir Hannan
Haughton Thornley Medical Centre, Hyde

LT1 / G.29
Equity of access: using a system approach to improve shared use and understanding of laboratory test results 
Paul Rowlands
Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
LT1 / G.29
Improving access to health for hard to reach communities: the Health Mela model
Prof Romesh Gupta
National Forum for Health and Wellbeing
LT1 / G.29
ACB Foundation Lecture
Increasing access and equity in laboratory diagnostics
Dr Martin Myers - Royal Preston Hospital

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