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Programme: Wednesday

Training Day


Morning Session (Organised by ACB Education Committee) 
FRCPath OSPE Preparation and Mock Examination
Delegates will take part in a mock OSPE sessions that will simulate this part of the examination. Topics will be distributed prior to the event so that delegates can prepare and learn from the experience regardless of the stage of training. On the day delegates will rotate around the various stations simulating the real examination. 

1000-1020 Introduction to the FRCPath examination process – Hazel Borthwick
1020-1130 Mock OSPE: 7 stations   
1140-1230 Answers




Afternoon Session (Organised by Supra-regional Assay Service)
Clinical Teaching Sessions from the Teams That Perform Specialist Work
The clinical teaching sessions will have three themes, porphyrias, specialist endocrine and proteins.  This will be an informal session where delegates will be given background information that can be used to work through a selection of case studies or clinical questions from each of the tree topics.  The background information will be the important points “distilled” by the experts and should be useful in the future as revision notes or even teaching material.  We hope that delegates will find their own best way of working – either individually or in small groups and at your own pace.   The experts from the various SAS labs will be circulating to answer any immediate questions and to try to enable delegates of all levels of knowledge and expertise to benefit from the session.  The final 45 minutes of the  afternoon will be a summary of the main learning points from each topic and give an opportunity for any final questions to be answered.  

These sessions are an opportunity for people to get to know their colleagues in the SAS labs and to extend their knowledge into these three areas of specialist pathology.  This format is a great combination of self-directed learning and a summary of the important learning points from experts and should be enjoyable for delegates and leaders alike.

The Focus Training Day is aimed at those members of the profession who are preparing for their FRCPath examinations and is co-ordinated by the ACB Education Committee. The sessions aim to review topics that are not well covered in text books or provide workshops that provide practical skills to aid success in the examinations. 

To register for the Training Day, please complete the registration form.

Updated 27 February 2017

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