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Immunology Professional Committee
Immunologists are represented within the ACB by the Immunology Professional Committee, which meets twice a year and represents immunologists on the various other ACB committees.

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Joint Chair: Dr Elizabeth Bateman (Oxford) / Dr Lisa Ayers (Oxford) 

Secretary:   Vacant


  • Education Committee:   Dr Liz Hodges, (Southampton) 
  • Workforce Advisory Committee:  Dr Liz Hodges (Southampton)
  • Pre-registration trainees:  Mr Declan Bostock (Portsmouth) 
  • Post-registration trainees:  Mrs Lauren Hennessy (Glasgow) 
  • ACB Council: Dr Steve Holding (Hull) 
  • RCPath SAC for Immunology: Vacant 
  • RCPath SAC for Molecular Pathology : Dr Kimberly Gilmour (London) 
  • UK Primary Immunodeficiency Network: Dr Kimberly Gilmour (London) 
  • International Federation of Clinical Chemistry: Dr Joanna Sheldon (London) 
  • NSHCS Professional Leadership Committee: Dr Ross Sadler (Oxford) 
  • ACS Immunology: Dr Ross Sadler (Oxford) 
  • BSI Clinical Immunology and Allergy section: Mrs Sarah Beck (Birmingham) 
  • Clinical Science Reviews Committee: Dr Rachel Wheeler (London) 

Members: All immunologists with at least Part 1 FRCPath in Immunology

Abbreviations: RCPath Royal College of Pathologists; SAC Specialist Advisory Committee; NSHCS National School of Health and Care Sciences; ACS Association of Clinical Sciences; BSI British Society for Immunology

Updated 5 February 2018

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